when choosing your car insurance policywhen choosing your car insurance policy

Since February 1958, French law has required all vehicle owners to take out car insurance. The motorist who drives without the latter exposes himself to penalties. Whether it is a young person or an elderly person, he can pay a fine of up to 3,750 euros and receive a three-month prison sentence, not to mention the fact that his license can be withdrawn between a months and three years. To avoid problems with the law, it is better to take out car insurance when you buy your vehicle. Which insurance contract to choose? Here are the criteria to consider when taking out car insurance.

The level of coverage

If this is your first time buying a vehicle, be aware that there are several levels of warranty. Among the latter are third-party insurance, intermediary insurance and all-risk insurance.

Third party insurance

It covers expenses related to physical and material damage that the insured’s car has caused to others. Its advantage is that it is cheaper. Only downside: it is less profitable.

Intermediate insurance

As for the intermediate car insurance , it allows you to enjoy more advantages. In addition to benefiting from civil liability cover, intermediate insurance includes cover for ice breakage, theft, natural disasters, zero kilometer breakdown assistance and fire. Remember on this point that the guarantees vary from one insurance company to another. These should be checked before signing a contract. This avoids any inconvenience.

All risk insurance

As for all-risk insurance, the latter offers motorists a higher level of guarantee. In the event of car theft, fire, glass breakage or damage caused to others, you will be quickly compensated. Although it has several advantages, comprehensive insurance is more expensive.

Which insurance to choose? It all depends on the vehicle you drive. If you have a new car, comprehensive insurance is more appropriate. On the other hand, if you drive a used vehicle, choose between third-party insurance and intermediary insurance.

Warranty exclusions

The other criterion that should also guide you in choosing car insurance is the exclusion of warranty. Indeed, insurance companies do not cover all damages. For example, when you lend your car to a third party and they have an accident, some insurers refuse to cover the damage. Take the time to read the exclusion clauses, some may not be suitable for you. In this case, turn to other insurers.

Compare offers

The price of car insurance is not governed by French law. Each insurance company sets its rates according to the guarantees offered. Also remember that the pricing depends on your profile. A young driver will not choose the same insurance contract as an elderly person. Generally, it is the all-risk contract that insurers offer to young drivers since few have driving experience. Apart from the profile, the condition of the car also determines the price of car insurance.

To choose the contract that suits your budget, use a comparator. However, remember that all the tools available on the internet to help choose the best car insurance are not equal. So take the time to test several comparators.

Apart from the exclusions of guarantees, the price and the level of guarantee, you must also take into account the geographical location of your insurer to choose your insurance contract. Choose a company near you. So, in the event of a problem, you can go to her home in a few minutes and discuss the situation with the insurer.

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